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Tony Stewart on the nuance of Top Fuel four-wide racing

In Las Vegas, Tony Stewart gave NHRA on FOX's Amanda Busick his insight on this type of racing, saying it "kinda has that short-track, Saturday night dirt-track feel."
22 Apr 2024
Posted by NHRA.com staff

Tony Stewart geared up for an exciting debut in nitro four-wide racing in Las Vegas, a format that seems to resonate with his experience and competitive spirit from short-track and dirt-track racing. His approach of focusing intensely on the start lights and the staging process reflects a keen strategy to compensate for his relative inexperience in this specific racing style compared to seasoned veterans.

His acknowledgment of the difference in vehicle weight and the adjustments needed due to these changes between his wife, Leah Pruett, and him in his Top Fuel dragster underpins his adaptability and determination to learn and improve with each run. This transition and learning curve have been challenging but also invigorating for Stewart and his team. Stewart's enthusiasm for this event and his methodical approach to preparation indicate his commitment to compete and excel. His perspective on the race format, focusing on making it to the top two to advance, aligns well with his racing philosophy, highlighting the importance of consistency and strategic planning in achieving success in such competitive events. He made it to the Top Fuel final at the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals in Las Vegas. Could the NHRA 4-Wide Nationals in Charlotte this weekend be the race he secures his first nitro Wally?