Looking back, looking aheadFriday, February 14, 2014

Old World Industries (Peak and all its brands) have allowed my dad, me, and our entire team to do something very special the past ten years. Without their support, we could not have lived our drag racing dream. As a kid working on my dad’s Alcohol Dragster, I never would have imagined competing in the NHRA Mello Yello Series Top Fuel class. It was not even on the radar.

Our very first marketing partner, Champion Packaging, hooked us up with OWI and the rest is history.

Zizzo Racing built the Peak program one race at a time. I will never forget the first time my dad placed a small associate Peak decal on our top fuel dragster at the Gatornationals in 2004 and I met Brian Bohlander from Peak. I was so proud to represent a very powerful and well-known brand. We grew the program to a major associate sponsor for two races the next year. Then we grew to a four-race package, then a seven-race deal, finally getting the opportunity to run 10 races in 2012 and half the NHRA events last year. Our goal was to run the entire NHRA schedule, but could never pick up the remaining funding to make that happen.

We continued representing Peak as we grew the program through 2013. I always represented them with pride and dignity. I was always boasting about how much I enjoyed working for them. I am a true working-mans’ driver that could relate to Peak’s consumers. I physically work on our car and at our body shop every day. As a small, independent, family-run team, we are so proud of what we have built.

It was a pleasure working with a great organization and company. From the receptionist to the owners, we always got along well and did what was right for our businesses.

I feel very strongly that OWI and Zizzo Racing have built a program that has benefited everyone and I want you to know how much I enjoyed the opportunity.

I also want to thank everyone at OWI for a strong and loyal partnership with Zizzo Racing for more than a decade. Together, we put smiles on the faces of hundreds of thousands of fans and sold Peak customers on our independence and our passion.

Our entire team was granted many opportunities because of Peak.

Moving forward…

Our entire team continues to assemble during the week. We are busy certifying, purchasing equipment, and prepping our parts to race at a very high level. We got a taste of success last year in Seattle when we made it to the semifinal round and we are looking forward to perform at that level and better in the future. We were so close last year to running with the best teams in the sport and we still have our sights on competing at a higher level.

We have been racing since 1980 and we will continue to race for the next 35 years. Fortunately, our associate sponsors will allow us to continue racing in 2014 and of course we are always looking for sponsorship. We are ready to race. The semi, dragster, and team are ready to rock at a moment’s notice. We will even rent the car to a new driver as well. We can provide a safe, strong-running car with a team that is already in place.

Even if we slow down our race schedule this year, it will give us an opportunity to race my dad’s Alcohol Dragster more than we have the past few years. Also he has a Pro Street car he has always wanted to race at a drag strip. My daughter is old enough for a Jr. Dragster, so we will give that a try. My dad just bought back his first-ever dragster. Out of the clear blue sky, a guy called him and said he had his first car. I know my dad well enough to know he is going to refurbish that rear-engine dragster car to be perfect and running and ready to run in a nostalgia class. It is a very rare streamliner and will be very cool to see rip down the track; maybe even on nitro.

I am very pleased to have had Old World’s brands on our car the past ten years and I appreciate every one of their employees for standing behind every 320-mph pass. I know John Force and the rest of John Force Racing will continue to represent the Peak brand at a very high level.