Faster, Pop PopThursday, June 21, 2012
Posted by: Jim Yates

Hi everyone! Remember me? I know, I know, I have done a bad job of blogging these past few weeks and for that I apologize. Since Englishtown our Mopar team has been running non-stop and wide open. We had a great outing in Englishtown, left there and headed to Bristol for two days of testing, spent three more days at the shop, the engine shop had to rebuild almost every engine that we had together due to a variety of reasons, we had a couple of days off and then it was back to Bristol for A.J.’s “hometown” race. What a great race it was!! If you saw the final round coverage of that race all there is to say is “WOW!”

I mean, I don’t think that you can get any more exciting than a .00000 tie in the final. The only thing more exciting would have been if the win light had come on in our lane! But it didn’t and so we say congratulations to the Mike Edwards team for a job well done.

After a fantastic race in Thunder Valley (I am sure that Allen will tell you all about it in his next blog) Toni and I headed home, via a stop in Charlotte to see Melissa and Joey for a quick overnight visit and now we are back at the shop. Like I said, it has been a crazy couple of weeks but very well worth it.

In between the race schedule and the test schedule I did have a couple of days off and what better way to spend my one weekend off than to run a 5K race in my hometown of Occoquan. Toni had decided that it would be a great idea for her and I, Jamie, Cynthy, Ryan and Maia to take part in the Donate Life 5K run/walk and that is what we did! Toni and I volunteered to let Jamie and Cynthy run the course and her and I pushed the 2 passenger running stroller through the course. Good idea, huh?

The course was through the town of Occoquan so how hard could it be? Obviously I have spent way too much time racing and not enough time walking through my little town. As we pushed the kids up a hill that I swear would have reminded you of a small Everest I had to question why I was there. Where these hills came from I surely don’t know! Of course Ryan just wanted to “go faster Pop Pop” and little Maia just snoozed the entire way.

Jamie and Cynthy finished with awesome times and believe it or not, Toni and I didn’t do too bad ourselves. There were roughly 600 participants and we crossed the finish line about 300th – and we were pushing about 100 pounds of kids and stroller. I have to admit that when it was all over I was really glad that we participated. We all came back to the house, let the kids play in the hose for a while and just chilled out.

Since I was racing on Father’s Day Jamie and Cynthy offered to have everyone over to their house last night for a small cookout and a Father’s Day get together. The only ones missing were Melissa and Joey. Joey started a new job a few months ago and they really haven’t had a lot of time off. But it was nice to visit with Jon and Alli, Jamie and Cynthy and the kids. Any more, with everyone working all over the D.C. area it is really hard to get everyone together at one time so I was really excited that I got to spend time with most of my family.

I’m looking forward to getting some things caught up this weekend, though I haven’t gotten a schedule from Toni yet. Hopefully she doesn’t have any more 5K races scheduled for me but I can bet that there is probably a bike ride or something in store for me. Hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to see lots of you at the Route 66 Nationals in Chicago next week!