Posted by: Jenna Haddock

Hey everyone...sorry again for the delay...So let’s get this party started!

So Vegas... it was a great trip! I am so excited to be writing about this race. First it was my birthday so we always have fun. We started off by flying in on Wednesday. Terry and I never both get to fly. It was great not having to be in the truck for what always seems like forever! Thursday we got teched in and then started working to make sure that we were ready for qualifying. Then Thursday night we went down to NY NY and did the autograph signing. It was such a beautiful day and it was out on the Brooklyn Bridge! It was the Terry show... both Terry and Terry McMillen were sitting together, and it is always a great time when they are together. Since they both came from the IHRA they have known each other for a long time and it is always great to see people away from the track. There were so many fans.

Friday was a crazy busy day. There was one point in the day where I thought we were going to pack up and leave. While this may sound bad it is actually Terry being a grown up. He has been racing for so long and we always do whatever we have to to make sure that he can race. In the last few years his priorities have changed. He was having a problem getting in and out of the car, and he said that if he couldn’t safely get out he was not going to run the car. So the guys worked down to the wire making sure that the car was perfect. I got to do the warm up, which is always fun and it gets you into the mood! LOL...

So for Q1 we planned to go out a few hundred feet and make sure that it did everything it was supposed to. With it being a brand new chassis Terry wanted to make sure there were no mistakes. We also decided that we would run the Impala body instead of the Toyota. There were some things that just weren’t perfect with it so we have decided to wait. We are hoping that in Houston we will take it with us and if Friday goes well then we will try it on Saturday. So then there was Q2. It was so great to see. At first I was upset because they kept saying that he hit the wall. It did get close at the top end and I don’t even like to think that something happened. Then they finally said the 4.28 was good! We were all so excited. I think it took us a good 45 mins to get back to work in the pit. It was such a great way to start the weekend. We ended up being number 12 for the day. So we got ready for Q3. It went up there and smoked the tires. We were in line for Q4, and as we watched pair after pair not make it down the track, we started thinking that we would pull out if at all possible. So Jeff Arend and Jon Capps were in front of us and we waited... Jeff made it down and Jon didn’t so we were in. We chose to pull out and save it for Sunday.

So on Sunday we went to driver intros and then got ready for E1. I think it was a total of 3 times that Hight’s team switched lanes. So we were waiting and we saw them changing tires. So Terry made some changes. It was a little too hopped up and we lost. It was on a pretty good pass, but when he saw Robert pulling away he stepped off and at the same time the belt broke. The good thing was there were no hurt parts so we packed up and we all headed out.

We have been home working on all of the stuff and getting ready for Houston. We moved the dragster into the big shop, and I started getting it ready for testing. I am so excited. Now all day I go over procedure so that I am not behind the curve ball when its time. I don’t have as much time with the Tree like most of the drivers, so I am a slower on my lights. Terry keeps telling me not to worry about it, but I can’t help wanting to do a good job.

On Easter Sunday it was also Braiden’s birthday. I can’t believe my little man is 3. He is getting so big. So we did an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and went to the zoo on Sunday. We had a lot of fun. This weekend we are having Braiden’s party and I am so excited to see everyone.

Houston will be our next event and I know we are all in a good place and are getting ready for this race. With it being at sea level we know it’s going to be a pretty fast field. I know it will be warm, but we are really looking forward to improving. Like I said in the last blog it’s been like Christmas and parts showing up all the time. Now our new crankshafts are on their way. That is exciting because we have never owned a new one.

Hope everyone has a great week...