Wrapping ip an amazing seasonThursday, December 05, 2013
Posted by: Angie Smith

Well it’s official. Our 2013 race season has come to a close. I will have to say it was a remarkable year. With Matt finishing at the top of the list we couldn’t be more proud of our team. It takes a lot to run a three- and four-bike team and to win the championship with this scenario is nothing short of amazing. It truly shows the hard work and dedication this team has each and every day.

The awards banquet, which was the day after Pomona, was a blast. All of us girls spent the day getting manicures and getting all dolled up for our marvelous evening. I think it is one of the days we look forward to the most for many reasons including no stress and having fun. After the girls spent hours getting ready we were finally ready to go downstairs. I kinda missed the first few things Matt had to do because I was still getting ready. He went to a couple media things for NHRA and then I came downstairs to meet him. He was doing a photo shoot with the extremely big Mello Yello championship trophy. We had a great dinner at the banquet and then it was time for him to be honored as a champion. Although this was his second championship I think he was more nervous this time than in 2007 but all in all it turned out fantastic. Then it was party time. Brandon, Susan and I danced our booties off at the after party. It was so much fun even though it gets really emotional. We usually spend more time with our racing family than we do our real families and it’s emotional and sad to be leaving them for several months. I gave my hugs and said my goodbyes even though it was very tough for me.

After a 41-hour journey across country and driving non-stop we got home on Thursday to some colder than normal weather. Our first priority was getting into the new shop. Over the course of the last four months Matt has started building his own shop at the house. The main part outside was done but nothing inside. We knew we had lots of carpentry work ahead of us. We started five days after Pomona and to this day we are still working on the inside. It’s a working progress. We have all the rooms built and completed and we are pretty close to completion. What I mean by completion is that we get to start working on bikes again. We have not even unloaded our trailer from Pomona yet just because Matt has been so focused on getting things organized for the new shop.

Last Saturday evening we took a break from being Bob the Builder and enjoying an evening celebrating the Pro Mod championship and the Pro Stock Bike championship at Rickie’s shop with all of our local friends and family. We had a huge turnout. I think we had about 300 people there. It was definitely standing room only. The kids were the center of attention at the party. They danced the night away and I will say I got out there a time or two and danced with them. I loved that the kids were having a blast. We had a live band come in and it was a success. There was one very special moment at the party. Colbert Seagraves and Matt presented the team with their Wally’s from the Norwalk event. It’s so cool that all the guys get their very own Wally to put in their trophy cabinet. Every day they get reminded that they helped achieve it.  I was so glad that everyone could join us for the party and I am pretty sure everyone had a blast.

Thanksgiving was awesome because I got to see my nieces and nephew and my side of the family. We also got to visit Charlotte and see the Speeds with new baby Ava and of course Jules was very entertaining. After practically eating all day Matt decided to go to Wal-mart and get another TV for the shop. I was having no part of that. He could not have paid me to go and fight the crazy people that go shopping on Black Friday. I stayed home and did some online shopping for the Black Friday sales.

Now it’s almost time for Santa Claus to come. I hope all you children have been nice so Santa can come visit. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays with your families. Remember no one is promised tomorrow so please hug your loved ones and tell them you love them.

Until next time which I promise will be soon please have a fun and safe holiday.

Merry Christmas!!!