The season has ended!Tuesday, December 06, 2011
Posted by: Angie Smith

Pomona has come and gone for us. It was a great time. Again we had all three bikes in the show on Sunday. Matt is getting pretty good at this. We missed having all three bikes in the top half of the field by one position. I was 9th and Michael Ray was 8th. Bum deal for us because we had to race each other on Sunday. It was a good race but I just hate running my teammates unless it was the final round.  I want to say thank you to Michael Ray and Jenn, Paul Ray, Uncle Hal, Rugger, and Mark Connor. We have such an awesome team with them now and its really fun going to the racetrack.

On Monday we traveled to Hollywood for the banquet. Matt, Michael, and I took a stroll down Hollywood Blvd. where all the stars have their names on the sidewalk. Pretty cool experience. Then it was time for me to get my hair and makeup done while the guys took a nap. After getting dressed we all went down to Karen Stoffer's room for a toast for ending the year. The banquet was great but the after party was even more fun. We enjoyed hanging out with our friends then we called it an evening. We had a long drive ahead of us. 40 hours to North Carolina.

We arrived home on Thursday around 10 a.m. Then we hopped in the car again to drive another four hours to Emerald Isle, N.C. Many of you probably do not know this about me but I love to go fishing. I practically grew up on Lake Norman going fishing with my grandpa. Tyler and Stacy Wilson had rented a house and wanted all of us to come down. We got up Friday morning and started fishing. We caught a few but nothing like we did on Saturday. On Saturday alone we caught over 75 fish in a five-hour span. We were catching Speckled Trout. It was a blast. We stayed down there two more days and then came home.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I always start my day off by watching the Macy’s Parade. One day I would like to go up and see it live. We headed over to my sister's house for Thanksgiving lunch and then over to Nancy’s for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a great time. I love spending time with our families. We don’t get to do that a lot during the year so it’s very important to me to at least do it during the holidays.

This past weekend we headed down to PRI show in Orlando. We spent three whole days talking with new people and checking in with our product sponsors as well. We found some new ideas and things that hopefully will help us in the performance department next season. So the funniest thing about going to PRI show is that I didn’t want to leave my dogs at home. They are my children. So we had to figure out a way to get them in the hotel. We came up with this. We have a pretty big laundry bag so every time they would need to go out to the bathroom I would put them in the laundry bag and hit the stairs. We were only staying on the 3rd floor so I was out of the hotel in less than two minutes. I bet the security people at the hotel thought I had a lot of laundry considering I took them out several times a day. It was so funny because sometimes one of the dogs would bark a little and people would just look at me. Not sure if they heard a dog or not. It was hilarious. The dogs would hop right in the bag because they knew what was going on.

Rickie wanted us to come down to Bradenton to test with him for two days since we were already in Florida for the show. We had a great day of testing yesterday and we are going to test for 1 more day, which is today. After today we are headed home to work on finding some more horsepower.

As of right now we have not got anything as far as sponsorship to go racing in 2012. It's really depressing but we are pushing forward every day. We are trying every day. I am on the phone and sending emails everyday just hoping that I will strike someone’s interest in our race team. We have a great team and I don’t want any of us to be sidelined in 2012. I am hoping and praying that something will come through so we can start on some research and development so we can be a little more competitive for next season. Michael Ray will be with us racing next year regardless if we find funding or not. So glad he and his team decided to join us for 2012. Again they are such an awesome group of people and a lot of fun to be with at the racetrack.

Thanks again to all the folks that supported us in 2011. We are hoping 2012 funding will come through and we can race once again.