Just keep getting busier! Thursday, April 26, 2012

We are gearing up for our race in Houston, Texas, this weekend and while this time of the season it seems like the racing is sort of sporadic, we also know that when May rolls around that the racing schedule gets a little busier and those gaps in the calendar get less and less.

Our racing schedule is just part of the equation when they start filling up my yearly calendar because I keep very busy running around the country getting to do sponsor appearances for NAPA Auto Parts, and while I always brag about having the best racing sponsor on the planet, making them proud ON the track is still the biggest priority I have, as well as everyone at DSR.

I spend a lot of time traveling around and celebrating store openings, get-togethers with NAPA customers and NAPA Auto Care Center people and dinners and a bunch of other things, but I also get asked to do some pretty cool things as well.

One of those things is coming up next week (Thursday, May 3) before our race in Atlanta where I was asked to throw out the first pitch at the Atlanta Braves home game against the Phillies, if you're in town for the race in Commerce, Ga., make sure you come out and join us!

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The Fanfest at New York, New York was a reminder of how cool our NHRA fans are, what a crowd!
I have talked about how cool it is sometimes to look around at the track or at a photo or video shoot and see the talent that Don has put together at DSR. Most of you only get to see the drivers or crew chiefs on TV, but the talent in the pit areas and at our DSR shop in Brownsburg still amazes me. I want to back up to our Vegas race for a minute as we were kept pretty busy with off-track stuff before and during the race with the fan fest we did at New York, New York hotel (DSR's home away from home in Vegas) and the amount of NHRA fans that showed up were staggering, so once again, THANK YOU for supporting us like you do!

Well, after the change was made to have Rahn Tobler tune the NAPA Dodge, I was more pumped up heading to Charlotte than I have been in a long time and we had a great start together on the NAPA Auto Parts team with #1 qualifier thru Friday qualifying and we ended up #3 when qualifying was over.

Race day on Sunday we had some special guests as Michael Waltrip Racing’s Traci Hultzapple and our DSR team arranged for our NAPA Auto Parts NASCAR teammate Martin Truex Jr. and the whole MWR NAPA Auto Parts team to come out and hang with our NHRA team.

If you have been following my blogs you know that I was a guest at the NASCAR race in Fontana and had such a great time that. It was so cool to be able to show their team what we do and they had such a great time! Here is a link to some video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA9yiabBelI&list=UUdOcTGW4GLpGV4M0Bl66LxQ&index=1&feature=plcp).

On top of all of that going on, Rahn tuned our car to a final-round finish and I really felt that we had the best race car all weekend. I can’t wait to get to Houston this weekend!

I spent some time in Hanford, Calif., over the weekend to race a dirt car to get a little bit of seat time for the “Prelude to the Dream” PPV dirt race on Wednesday June 6 (http://www.preludetothedream.org/about/).

They had "Ron Capps night," and I had a great time as we started 18th in the main event and the car owner, Mark Odgers, hit the setup perfect as I had moved all the way up to 4th place before someone used me as the cushion and slip into our left side and broke the left front a-arm. I got to see a bunch of friends in the dirt racing world and got a little more seat time that will hopefully help in June at the Prelude race.

Saying that there was a lot going in Charlotte is an understatement with my new team, new car, new tuner, and having to adapt to the way Rahn likes his driver to do things, so I am very, very excited to be going back to two-wide racing with our team this weekend and we are looking to start working our way back up in the points standings!

Talk to you soon- RC