Hurry up and waitMonday, June 25, 2012
Posted by: Michael Ray, Gottspeed Racing Buell

Hello everyone!!! I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable few weeks. I know I have…

Since the last time I sent in my blog I have definitely had some fun and enjoyed my time at home with Jennifer. At our last event in Englishtown Matt and the team did an AWESOME job tuning the bike and keeping all the parts on it. I did an ok job of driving; luckily they made me look good. I was really struggling with my reaction times, which you all know that you live and die by your reaction times. Matt tuned me to my fastest career pass and really did an awesome job keeping the bike consistent, thanks Matt. Another good thing about that weekend was we moved up to No. 5 in points; which is so crazy considering we didn’t even qualify at the season opener in Gainesville. But nevertheless we have just kept on digging and trying to go as many rounds as when we can and hope things continue to pay off. I didn’t get a chance to do any testing between Englishtown and Norwalk but Matt and Angie are testing as we speak up in Virginia. I didn’t make the trip up for the test session because when I leave for Jolliet and Norwalk I’m not coming home for 10 days. So I stayed at home and worked as hard as I could at the shop in the mean time.

I’m really excited about racing in Jolliet because Jennifer gets to come with me to this race. She has such a demanding schedule with her fight company that it makes it tough to get to travel with me. A few weeks ago her and I got to attend a Texas Rangers game and it was a blast. Neither of us had ever been to one of their games so we splurged and got killer seats and bought all kinds of Ranger goodies. It was so nice up there, all the employees were so polite and the stadium is beautiful with tons of different things to get to do until the game starts. It really reminded me of an NHRA race with all things for fans to do while there isn’t action on the track. Also it was really hot and that reminded me of the races, Jenn at one point looked at me and said I “ I don’t know ho you can race in this heat.” At one point we had to get her out of the heat because with all the ballpark food we had eaten she was not feeling really well, so we and sat in the shade for few minutes. Then the baseball Gods gave us some overcast skies for the rest of the game and we back out to root on the Rangers. All in all the game was a blast and the Rangers won 9-3. We didn’t get to catch any foul balls or fun stuff like that but we got caught up in the wave and had a great time, just her and I. Another good thing about the trip was getting to eat Babes Fried Chicken in Arlington. Now with me being from Memphis I know good food and Babes is right there on the top 10 lists of good places to eat. It was funny; Angie sent me a picture from Waffle House one day to make me jealous since we don’t have Waffle House’s in New Braunfels. So I got her back really good when I sent her a picture of us eating at Babes. That is her favorite place to eat so she got jealous. It is mandatory that when we race in Ennis that we have to make a trip to get Babes for lunch one day for everyone at the track.

Something that I’m really excited about is the new addition to our race team, Bobster Eyewear. Bobster has come on board as the official eyewear of Gottspeed Racing. I really encourage everyone to go to WWW.BOBSTER.COM and check out their entire of eyewear from classic styles to tactical eyewear as well as riding glasses. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to represent Bobster and hope that they feel the same. Bobster has been in the eyewear industry since 1996 and in represented in over 30 countries!!! I know that our customers at the shop really enjoy their riding glasses and goggles; our Javelina location has been a dealer for them for quite a while and have had great success selling all the different items that Bobster has to offer.

Well I’m going to wrap this up and get back to cleaning my house since I’m leaving for two weeks on our tour. I will definitely keep everyone up to speed on what’s happening over the next few weeks via Twitter and Facebook, remember you can find me @michaelstingray on Twitter. Peace!!!!