The DudeWednesday, May 30, 2012
Posted by: Michael Ray, Gottspeed Racing Buell

I had a WOW moment the other day. I looked at a calendar and we are just about halfway through 2012. It feels just like the other day we were at dealer shows and watching NFL playoff games, now we’re watching the NBA playoffs getting ready to start the summer months. I always tell people I remember when I was in school and had no worries in the word, never looking at calendar or any of that “grown up” stuff. Now I live off a calendar and my appointment book because life is so fast that I need all the help I can get with everything going on. I always say you better grab a Full Throttle cause you can’t sleep through life.

So, as part of getting back to the little things outside the track a bunch of my co-workers at the shop started playing co-ed softball. For the past three years we always try and play at least one season a year. It’s always so much fun because for a few hours a week we all get to let loose and play. Let me be the first to tell you, we stink at softball but we have fun. I remember the first season we played together we lost every game we went to. I’m a very competitive person so that didn’t sit to well with me, but Jenn use to tell me to have fun and who cares if we lose. So I did my best to smile while we got our butt kicked every week. The second year we won one game. Everyone on the team was so excited; it was like we won the World Series. I remember the other team was looking at us all crazy but they had no idea how excited we were. This year we did better we won three games and made it to the playoffs; where we got beat the first game. This year I didn’t get to play all the games since I hurt my foot before the Gators I had to be placed on the DL. Matt and Angie came to one of our games before Houston to us play and Brandon my crew guy who is a die hard softball player back in King, N.C., played with us. We had a lot of fun with celebrities like Angie and Matt Smith there. I mean it’s not every day we get superstars like them there. It’s really nice to get away from the crazy world of like and just go play like little kids again. I will never forget the first year we played. At times we had to explain which way was third and which way was first. It is such a team building activity, so I encourage you to get out and join a team or even start your own team.

In my last blog I talked about getting to take Jennifer to the beach and spend some time with her, well that didn’t happen. Instead we came up with a plan to go to a Texas Rangers game and spend the weekend in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Jennifer has become quite the Rangers fan who has watched most of their games this year. So with that scheduled for us in the beginning of June, I peeled out and headed to Rockingham to do some testing. Matt and the entire crew has been working so hard to get us some more power and make our bikes more consistent which we all know is what you have to do win rounds. The test went well for the most part. I was really there to stay sharp and make some runs to get a tire ready for E-Town, Matt was the one testing everything. He is so funny; he will pull me in the trailer and ask, “ You want to be the guinea pig”? I usually tell him no and he just laughs and says OK. I’m still learning and am not as consistent on the bike as Matt is; so I like to just work on getting more consistent.  We always have so much fun whether it’s at the races or at dinner, especially when Matt’s cousin Tyler comes. Tyler is one of the funniest people in the world and just makes you have much fun.

Tyler races an ADRL Pro Extreme Bike, a bagger that like the one Matt used to race. Tyler let me sit on the bad dude and I kind of got itch do floor it on that big bad bagger. There has been conversation about me testing it, but I keep telling them no thanks I got to stay sharp on the beast I ride right now. But I did make some laps on our Viper Diamondback. This bike is such an animal with its 152 cubic inch motor it would just smoked the tire almost through third gear if I would let it. You should make sure to come by the trailer if you’re at the races to come check it out since we are fortunate enough to get to use one for a push bike. When your not at the track go to Vipermotorcycle.com to check them out online or find them them on Facebook to get updates on everything going on with Viper Motorcycle Company.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. It was nice spending time with Jennifer’s family since they live in Del Rio we don’t get to see them that often.  I hope to see everyone it Englishtown this weekend. If not make sure to stay posted to Twitter @michaelstingray; I will keep everyone posted on what’s happening.