Just living the dream….Friday, April 20, 2012
Posted by: Michael Ray, Gottspeed Racing Buell

I hope everyone has been enjoying the awesome racing that has been going on while the bikes have not been on tour. I know I have enjoyed seeing the dominating performance by Robert Hight and his JFR team. Robert is one of my favorite drivers and to see him win four national events in a row is really awesome. The competition in all the professional categories has been amazing this year and I can’t wait to get to Baytown next week.

Since we have not been testing and not been racing I have been spending some time at the local track with my team owner’s son, Harry Gottsacker. Harry is 12 years old and getting his feet wet in his new junior dragster. It’s so much fun watching him learn all the little things that it takes to turn the win light on and with it being Rugger’s son watching the father/son tandem at the races just brings back so many memories of my dad teaching me how drag race. Harry has been doing really well in the car as far as his reaction times goes but he is struggling with the bracket racing format a little, he keeps saying “ But dad I don’t want to let off if I’m winning.” Rugger has been doing a great job coaching him and Harry is really enjoying himself so you never know, you might see him blasting in a fuel car one day. His car is really cool it’s all camouflaged out and is painted like an old World War II fighter plane and since his name is Harry, H-Bomb just had to make it on the car. I actually got to go back in time a little bit and live a child hood dream of mine and drive a junior dragster. Since I’m a little guy and Harry is my size at 12 (CRAZY!!!!)  Rugger threw me in a car and let me make a lap. It was a lot of fun but I’m not ready to give handlebars for a steering wheel just yet.

I’m really excited about this weekend and this week leading up to the race next weekend. With all the new and exciting things going on with the Riding for Kids campaign we are having a party at the shop where we are going to unveil the bike to our customers and the charities that this campaign is helping. We are also giving away some two tickets for the event next weekend. The fun part of all this is Matt, Angie, and the whole team is going to spend a week here in New Braunfels hanging out and more importantly getting a break. That entire group has worked NON-STOP since Gainesville and every time I talk to them they sound beat. So I’m glad they will get to take some time off and float the rivers, go ride, and recharge their batteries before it’s go time. Especially since immediately following Houston we go right to Atlanta for our third race of the season.  This is the best time of the year to live in South Texas. The weather is perfect, there are wild flowers growing everywhere. But in about 4 weeks in turns HOT and that’s when I really want to head north and enjoy some cooler temps. So getting our schedule going wide open makes it nice to have to suffer through the brutal south Texas summers.

Please make sure and stay up to the minute with what is happening on and off the track via Facebook and Twitter @michaelstingray between my blog posts. If you are at Houston please come by and see the new bike and remember to text unclehal to 80888 to donate $5.00 to an amazing charity and help out some really great kids.