Topeka and the week aheadWednesday, May 23, 2012
Posted by: Terry McMillen, Amalie/UNOH Top Fueler

Topeka has proven to be a good track to the Amalie Oil/UNOH team in the past. As a full-time NHRA Top Fuel driver, I got my first round-win in Topeka. You may remember us joking about getting the monkey off our back when I won that round. I also was able to win a round there last year. Some tracks are just better for some teams, and I thought Topeka may be that track for us. I was hoping that after destroying two motors in Atlanta we would have a better outcome in Topeka, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. We destroyed a motor on Friday, another on Saturday, and a third on Sunday. There is nothing more devastating than coming back to the pit with the rods kicked out of the motor. To add insult to injury, we got penalized for putting oil on the track. I will say, however, that I do see hope in the future of the team. We ran our quickest e.t. on Sunday even with an unhappy motor near the finish line. Unfortunately, our quickest time wasn’t fast enough to beat Bernstein, but I think we are getting closer to having a car that is more competitive and that will go rounds on Sunday.

Between now and Englishtown, I have a lot going on. It is probably a good thing, so that I am not sitting around mourning the loss of 5 motors. I am taking the car to a display at Marv and Tom’s in Elkhart on Wednesday. They are our newest Amalie Oil customer, and they are only 10 minutes away from the shop. Thursday I am speaking at the Elkhart Career Center. I love going there especially since many of the students end up going to UNOH to further their education. Saturday is the big car show at Lane Automotive, which is also home to Motorstate Distributing and All Star Performance, who are our marketing partners. The car show is huge and I encourage anyone in the area to stop by! We will be starting the car as the grand finale to the cacklefest.

Other than that not much more is going on. You can always follow us on Twitter, @terrymcmillen, or on Facebook in between blogs.