Gone FishingFriday, April 27, 2012
Posted by: Terry McMillen, Amalie/UNOH Top Fueler

The greatest form of relaxation, in my opinion, is going fishing. Whether it is in the ocean, on a great lake, or in the pond in my yard, I love taking time to go fishing. I don’t eat the fish I catch, and would rather catch and release. After all, it is the chase that I love.  I mean, you never know on any given day what size fish or how many you may catch. I wish I had some great fish tale (with a picture to go with it) about a huge fish that I caught recently, but I don’t. I have however, enjoyed a little bit of relaxation over the past couple weeks enjoying the spring weather and making it a point to spend some time fishing with my family and friends.

One of the reasons I bought the house I live in, is because I loved the small pond on the property. I know there are many different types of fish living in the pond, but I like to fish for bass. Rarely can you go fishing in my pond and catch nothing, which makes it fun when we have people over who want to fish. Recently, my buddy Taylor, who drives a Jr. dragster, came by the house. While her mom and Cori caught up on things, Taylor and I went fishing. I hate to admit it, but I believe she caught more fish than I did that day. However, I blame it on the fact that I had to help her get every fish she caught off the hook, which took away from my fishing time. Not a good enough excuse, I know, but worth a shot!

The day before leaving for Houston, I was able to enjoy time fishing with my son Andy, his girlfriend Jess, and her daughter Adalyn who came over to spend the afternoon with us. It was really cool to see the excitement on Adalyn’s face when she was able to reel in a fish! Surprisingly enough she even held it on her on for photos. I am pretty sure Adalyn was the only person who caught a fish that day since we let her reel them all in, but I have to admit spending time with my family and watching them enjoy themselves was better than me catching the most or biggest fish that day.

Competition is something I love to be a part of on and off the track. So far this year, Cori has caught the biggest fish of the season, and I have caught the most. I look at it like this: the biggest fish is like your ET and the most fish is your mph. Yea it is cool to catch a lot, but the biggest fish is what counts. I’ll keep you updated throughout the summer to let you know who is in the lead. I am confident I will take home the Walleye (that’s our fish trophy) by the time the summer is over.

We are in Houston now ready for some racing. I am anxious to see how a little hot weather mixed with some humidity plays part in the race weekend. It is usually a good thing for teams like mine, who don’t put the fast numbers down in cooler conditions like the bigger teams do. We will have an on air google+ hangout going on this weekend, so follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get a link to it. We will also be taking you all in the trailer to meet one of our crew members and give you an idea on what his role is on the team. Wish us luck and talk to you soon!