What racing means to meThursday, August 09, 2012
Posted by: Katie Sullivan

Yesterday, I spent some time talking to a good friend of mine about what racing really means in my life and I wanted to share with everybody some of the things we discussed. There's really only one way that I can describe what it is like to ride one of these Pro Stock Motorcycles. It's just a moment in my life where everything else around me just fades away. When I am sitting in the staging lanes and my visor is down over my face, a feeling of tunnel vision comes over me. All I can see is the race track, everything on the sides of the track turns into a blur. It's almost like nothing exists except the quarter-mile of pavement in front of me.

As I am pushing my bike to the starting line, I can feel my heart beating in my chest. It’s not as though it's beating fast; I am just aware of the adrenaline running through me. As soon as I swing my leg over the bike, it's like the world around me just stops. I don't even have to think about these things happening, they just do.

As I am lighting the staging lights, and I take one last deep breath and push my body down onto the bike, an almost calm sensation comes over me. For the next couple seconds that I am on that bike, there is not one thing in my life that matters other than riding. My mind shuts off, and my instincts kick in. With every gear I grab, my body is wrapped tighter and tighter around the bike. Every time I hit the next shift, I get to feel that bike pull harder, especially in the first few gears. The world will start to appear again after my run. It is the most amazing experience every time I make a pass down the race track.

I almost have to laugh when I think about how much work we do in order to spend seven-seconds on a motorcycle. Every time I get back on that bike though, I remember why I do it. Nothing in my life, gives me the feeling that drag racing does. I think about racing from the time I wake up in the morning, until the time I go to bed at night. Then most nights, I dream of racing. People have told me before that they think us drag racers are crazy. Well that is probably true, but once I got a taste of what it feels like to race and what it feels like to get to compete, I just fell head over heels in love. To me this is a pretty amazing thing. I feel really fortunate to have something in my life that I feel so much passion for.

With that being said, Indy is right around the corner. After the long drag racing talk I had yesterday I couldn't be any more excited. My goal for Indy is really to pick up where we left off in Sonoma. I think if we can do that, we will do really well in Indy. Indy really is a special place for me. Growing up I always watched the race on television, and you always heard people talk about how great it was. It still feels unreal to me, that I have gotten to be a part of that race for the past couple years now.

In other news, I have still been super busy at home. My business, Tough Girl Designs, is doing really well, and keeping me running. Plus, I just have two more classes until I finish up my associates degree in school. We also got to take out our alcohol injected turbo bike this weekend, we are finally making some progress with it, which is so very exciting! I hope to see everyone at the Big Go!