Happy New Year!Monday, January 16, 2012
Posted by: Doug Herbert, Herbert Performance/BRAKES

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Sophie could fit in Bella's mouth
Hi Blog fans. I hope that everyone had great holidays and a Happy New Year!

I am happy to see 2012 come; things are looking good. In fact, I hope to be able to announce in the next week sponsorship support to be able to run the entire NHRA Full Throttle season.

We had a great Christmas and New Years and we were able to spend enjoying family and friends.

For Christmas, Jessie got a new Apple iPad and that was a huge hit. It’s amazing all the things it can do; I sure wish I had something like that when I was a kid. I remember the first video game that we had at home when I was a kid. Does anyone remember that old game that was so popular, Pong?

Ginger got her mom a new puppy for Christmas, a one-pound mini Terrier named Sophie; this dog was really a fun little dog. The only problem is that we had to ride in the car for five hours with our 100-poundAkita. It was actually funny because the puppy was so small that even Bella did not seem that interested in eating her. That was good because it would have only been one small bite! Speaking of Bella, I had to clean up a heck of a mess the other day when she pulled every bit of stuffing out of her bed. What a mess!

Our good friends Wanda and Craig had a great Boxing Day party on the day after Christmas. Every year she cooks shrimp and grits and I must admit that being a kid from California I would have never imagined liking this and I’m not sure if it’s just the way she makes it but, wow, it tastes like candy!

On New Year’s we went over to our friends Mike and Angie Skinner’s place. They have a super cool barn in the back yard that is part museum, part shop, and then a huge western saloon upstairs. What a great place to celebrate bringing in a new year!

Last weekend Jessie talked me into taking her up to the snow for a quick ski trip again. The good thing was this time we actually had snow to ski on! We just drove up to Winterplace, West Virginia, and met up with my old buddy Tony at the slopes. It was a great day for skiing and I think since it was so warm everyone must have been scared away; we never even had to wait in a single line. It was great! Jessie is really getting good at skiing; she will be ready for the Olympics pretty soon I think.

This past weekend I was honored to accept a spot in the North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame. It was a great induction ceremony and being included in a group like this made it a super deal. I would like to congratulate the entire group of inductees including Ralph Seagraves, Curtis Smith and Tommy Mauney. My old IHRA friend Satch Gragg was my presenter into the hall.

Thanks to Steve Earwood, Jim Turner, and the entire NC Hall of Fame group for organizing this event.

One of the fans at the Hall of Fame ceremony had me sign one of the old Finish Line collectors cards from 1992. I thought that was pretty cool and I actually thought that I still look the same but Ginger reminded me that my hair looked more like Daniel Boone back then. Very funny! I guess less hair on my head now and more hair in other places that we don't care to mention.

Things are going good here at the Doug Herbert Performance Center. We ran a street 454 small block Chevy on the dyno the other day. This thing was a stump puller! It made 620 horsepower at 6,000 rpm on pump gas; I would like to have one of these in a street car of my own. Good thing that we can build more here at the shop.

Hope to be able to let everyone know about my 2012 racing plans very soon!

Until then, be good.