Snow, sun, studying and testing funThursday, December 12, 2013
Posted by: Megan Schumacher, Don Schumacher Racing

Hello again NHRA fans. I’m a lucky girl to be writing this blog from south Florida. As I look at the weather across the country, we’re one of the few spots to not be in a deep winter freeze. It’s been quite chilly at the shop in Indy and they got about five inches of snow last Friday. We’ll be heading to Chicago and Indy next week for our Schumacher Electric and DSR Christmas parties on Dec. 18, so I’ll get my dose of winter chill. It will give me an excuse to break out a scarf and heavy jacket. Haha

It’s a busy week for me. I’m spreading my time between school, studying and testing in south Florida. It’s finals week at Lynn University and then we have a three-week break for the holidays. I’m splitting my time studying at home and at the race track while three of our teams test in preparation for the 2014 NHRA Mello Yello season.
Three of our teams left the bitter cold of Indy for the warm, 80-degree sun of Florida on Sunday. Most of the crew guys enjoy being at home with their families during the off season, but I don’t think too many of them were upset about spending a few December days in Florida. Tommy Johnson or TJ, who you can now follow on Twitter @TommyJohnson_Jr, is again getting acclimated with a Funny Car. It’s been a few years since TJ has been behind the wheel of a flopper full-time. Maybe back to the 2007 NHRA season. TJ is a great driver, one of 14 to have won NHRA races in both Top Fuel and Funny Car, and he’ll do a great job for DSR. Both the U.S. Army and Matco Tools Top Fuel teams are also testing. We’re sans the Sarge, so Antron is hot-lapping both the Army and Matco rails. AB made nine laps on Tuesday and you couldn’t wipe the grin off his face, which isn’t out of the ordinary for Antron. I’m guessing he does another eight or nine passes today. To see some videos of the test session check out my Instagram page, @MeganFessSchu.
We’re going to do something fun with AB next week on social media, so check out the ShoeRacing Facebook and Twitter pages for details. We’re going to do our first #DSRVineChat with a driver. If you don’t know what Vine is, it’s an app that does seven-second repeating videos. We’ll post the answers on our DSR Twitter account @shoeracing. Fans will submit questions and AB will answer them in seven seconds. We’re really excited and it should be a lot of fun. I’m not so sure we can do this with Jack. LOL Fast Jack answering in seven seconds, now that’s a challenge.
While TJ and AB are running the wheels off their race cars, Ron Capps is a bit more relaxed this week. Cappsy is on his annual Cruisin’ with Capps fan cruise. Last Thursday, Tony represented DSR and the NHRA in Las Vegas at Sports Business Journal’s ’13 Motorsports Marketing Forum and did a great job. Tony was the only driver on the panel and did his terrific job as an ambassador for NHRA. Spencer also is on a cruise with his girlfriend, Karen, in the Caribbean. It’s good to see some of the drivers getting some R&R after the long 10-month NHRA season.
Last week was a busy one at DSR. And while our drivers and cars looked pretty for 2014 photo shoots, I jetted West for a few days of fun in California with friends before finals week. I joined my friends Alex Baca-Medina, Courtney Force, and our friend Lauren in So Cal. We spent a day at Disneyland in Anaheim and it was so pretty to see the park’s seasonal décor for Christmas. We also went to a Christmas tree lighting in Newport Beach, it was a fun few days of mindlessness before the craziness of finals week at school.
Last week was busy at DSR, but fun busy. We did 2014 photo shoots with Ron, Antron, Spencer, Matt and Jack. Our front office had been hustling since before the end of the 2013 NHRA season getting everything ready for our Dec. 3-6 photo shoots at the shop. We needed the drivers, of course, 2014 painted race cars and firesuits. We shot Ron and the NAPA Auto Parts car on Tuesday. Late that night our friend and stud photographer Mark Rebilas or @rebilasphoto on Twitter shot Antron and the Matco dragster. AB was a good sport and stayed at the shop until after 11 p.m. We shot Spencer and the Battery Extender car on Wednesday morning before Matt got to town. We then did Matt and the Rocky Boots Dodge, which is one of the best looking Funny Cars I’ve ever seen. The fans are going to love the look of the Rocky car. Then it was Jack and the Valvoline MaxLife and SynPower Funny Cars on Thurday and Friday.
Mark is a clever, creative guy. He’s always thinking outside the box and raising the photography bar. It was snowing Thursday evening in Indy and across much of the country and Mark had the crazy idea to shoot at Funny Car in the snow. Kyle Cunningham from DSR’s front office helped Mark and his lighting expert, Guy, push Jack’s MaxLife car outside in the snow and for a frosty photo shoot. Kyle is another crazy guy – he runs Tough Mudders and marathons – so he decided to put on Jack’s photo shoot firesuit and do snow angels next to the car. Oh those crazy boys. All and all, we got some great art for 2014 and I know the sponsors and fans will be excited to see it.
That’s it for now. I hope you all have a great week and we’ll check in before Christmas. Thanks for reading.