The World of CokeFriday, May 18, 2012

Before the race in Commerce, I went to Atlanta for the Coca-Cola champion’s dinner. It was fun as always and we really appreciate the support they give to the NHRA. I’d like to thank Ben Reiling and his group for inviting all of the NHRA champions to the World of Coke for a nice evening. It’s an elite group that attends so I’m proud that Tony and I get to represent the Pedregon team.

On Thursday, I went to the Snap-on grill out and it was awesome. We were outside at a park and had a lot of customers participate. The franchisees are really doing a great job getting the customers excited about our visits and doing lots of giveaways.

The Atlanta race was good and we qualified in the top five again. We have a great record with the Snap-on car qualifying in the top group this year. We were consistent and doing everything right but unfortunately in the second round, we broke our 16-run streak of not spinning the tires. It got hot on us and we slipped up so within 100 feet, I had to get off and on throttle. It was a shame because like several races this year, we felt like we were contenders to win the event but we’ll carry on to Topeka.

During the off week, we got our new body back from Steve Dekkenga who painted it and it looks really hot. What an artist this guy is! For the first time in years, we have a painted body and we even added two unique things that you’ll have to come by the pit to see. I’ll give you a hint…one is on the back of the car and the other is by the trunk. It’s really different and something no one else has on their Funny Car or dragster so you guys should come check it out.

Now we’re in Topeka, a track that was so good to me in the 90s. We used to go there with the McDonald's car and at least win one of the two events at the time. For whatever reason, that's just been one of my tracks and we've knocked on the door the last couple of years. It's a unique track, out in the middle of the country and was one of the first super tracks built. We're looking forward to seeing all the Snap-on customers out there and we're definitely ready to win!