Fun at the Four-WidesMonday, April 23, 2012

The Charlotte Snap-on Grill and Chill was really cool. We went to Iron Horse Harley Davidson and Mike Heafner, the owner was very welcoming as well as the franchisee Rex Ward. Mike is a former bike drag racer from back in the day so he showed me his bike collection. It was fun because we had a good group of customers and I got to sit on one of his Harleys. It was all slammed out and candy apple red, right up my alley. I’m not really a bike person but that one fit me perfect. LOL! We had a raffle and gave away some prizes. Some of the guys from the shop even came by to see us at the track.

The Charlotte race was really interesting. Friday, we didn’t have it together but once Saturday started, we rolled out there and ran two strong runs and wound up fourth in the field. On race day, we were hot! We were one of the top cars all day. One thing that was weird was to run the same cars more than once. We ran Robert Hight twice, beat him once, and lost to him in the final in a really close race. It was probably the most fun four-wide race I’ve ever had.

As for the track, it was excellent as always. I’m happy for Bruton Smith and his staff out there. They put on a good show and I think the fans are starting to like the four-wide race. We had a huge crowd out there which was nice to see so we want to thank the fans for all their support!

We ran the new Camry body, a career best speed of 316 MPH, were runner-up, and moved up to 6th in the points. It was definitely a great weekend for the Snap-on team!

We want to continue to thank Snap-on, Wix Filters, Herzog Contracting, Sioux City Truck, Toyota, UTI, and all the other sponsors for all their support. I also want to thank my team, headed up by Lee Beard. We got our heads together and made some good calls. We were pretty much solid on race day which bodes well for our next event in Houston. It feels so good to have one of the top running funny cars in the country and we’re just getting started. We’re all excited and looking forward to getting that first Win!

One of the things I’m excited about during my off time, is going to Puerto Rico before the Houston event for a Snap-on appearance. I’m spending the weekend with franchisees and their customers. I’ve never been, so I’m looking forward to it and I know there’s a lot of NHRA fans in the area so it should be fun.

Next, we’re headed to Houston, the first place I raced with Lee Beard in 1992 where he helped us put together an unbelievable Sunday. Lee was the crew chief on the McDonald’s dragster back then and we were struggling, blowing up every motor we had in the funny car so Lee came over to help and we ended up setting a national record that day, beating John Force, and winning the Championship that year. So, here we are again with a great opportunity to win this race. Houston has a lot of history for me plus a lot of family and fans from the San Antonio area come out so it’s a race that’s like a home game for me. We’re looking forward to getting out to Baytown, getting some good qualifying runs in, and hopefully closing this deal out.

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