Las VegasWednesday, April 11, 2012

I flew out the week before the Vegas race and spent some time in Torrance, Calif., at Toyota Motorsports Day. That’s where Toyota brings in all their motorsports drivers like Kyle Busch, Joey Legano, Clint Bowyer, and the drag racers, Shawn Langdon, Alexis DeJoria, and Morgan Lucas, just to name a few, to visit with their employees at their corporate headquarters. They had a great crowd and the autograph line was full the whole time. Afterwards, we had lunch with all the executives so it was a nice day.

Then we went to Vegas. The ride along was really cool. I spent a little time riding around with Snap-on franchisee Dave Ruskowitz on his truck, visiting a few shops. You can check out some pics of me with an old school Cadillac (complete with airbags and an LS1 motor) on Facebook. Then we visited Art & Shirley Goldstrom’s private museum where we had the grill out with Snap-on customers from all over the area. There were four franchisees with their trucks set up and a ton of customers. We grilled hot dogs and gave away raffle items all day. The museum was amazing and all the cars were cherried out. He even had a wheelchair with a North Star engine in it that he fired up and a riding lawn mower with a V8 and headers for crying out loud. LOL! Art and I had a lot in common because he comes from the trucking industry where he had a lot of end dumps, Peterbuilts and Kenworths so it was nice to talk trucks as he gave me the tour. We even did an internet/radio interview while we were there with John D at Radio Zone 1. Next, I went on to the local affiliate of Univision and did an in-studio and radio interview in Spanish. Everyone there was very nice and welcomed us right in. They even came out to the track over the weekend to check us out.

We had a great group out in hospitality and Snap-on Franchise Developer Brendan Bergin did a great job keeping everyone excited. As far as the race, it was awesome! We went out there for the second race in a row, having the quickest overall car. We made three out of four qualifying runs and ended up 6th. The fuel curve wasn’t exactly perfect and was dropping cylinders but Lee and the guys did a great job and we answered the bell every run. We beat Tony in the first round and Beckman in the second round in a really close race. Going up there in the semis against Tasca, we were a little too aggressive and the thing spun the tires, so that was the end of that. Overall, a great weekend and we moved into the top ten. The car is right on the brink of really busting it open for all the people who support us from Snap-on, Toyota, Herzog, Sioux City, UTI, and many more. We have a fast car and will win our fair share this year.

Charlotte is coming up this weekend and is one of my favorite events. My top three are Indy, Charlotte, and then Denver. Charlotte I like because it has the best surface on the circuit by far, I do well there, and they have great fans. We’re looking forward to the four-wide which is a race that not everyone loves but I say if we win it, we love it. LOL! The promoter is a smart guy and does what the fans like and it’s just another race to us. We have a quick car and plan on doing something with it.