A Grand old timeTuesday, March 06, 2012
Posted by: Bob Tasca III, Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford
I saw the Grand Canyon when I was a kid, so I wanted my boys to see it too. My wife Terri and I with Dylan, Bob IV, Cameron and Austin. Got pretty close!

When you’re in my line of work, you never really know what people will ask you to do…like “play” with the Harlem Globetrotters, for instance.

A few weeks ago, the NHRA Media Relations team asked our PR reps if we would be in town early for the race in Gainesville and, if so, if we were interested in hanging out with the Globetrotters. Of course!

So on Wednesday, I’ll go straight from the airport to the University of Florida to meet the Globetrotters. This will definitely be one of the cooler things we’ve done this year. The next day we’ll go to Tampa/St. Petersburg to do some media. I’ve got to tell you – I’m really impressed with some of the opportunities they’re coming up with for us this year. The NHRA Media Relations team works hard.

I sure hope we have better weather in Gainesville than NASCAR had in Daytona a few weeks ago. The Motorcraft/Quick Lane Racing team was there with Trevor Bayne trying to defend their title and it seemed like they would never get to race. A Ford won with Matt Kenseth. Not our team, but still brought it back to Ford and that’s important for all of us.

After Phoenix, my family and I went to the Grand Canyon. It looked like a shorter drive on the map than it was in reality, but I saw the Grand Canyon as a kid and I wanted my boys to see it too. If you’ve never seen it in person, it’s difficult to really understand how massive the Grand Canyon really is. We did something really cool – we went on a helicopter ride that took us down into the Canyon.

This helicopter ride was just incredible. Even my son Austin was speechless. Out of my four boys, Austin is the one who never stops talking. Halfway through the ride I realized I hadn’t heard a word out of him and I asked him if he was still there over the headsets they gave all of us. He was there, all right. And speechless. I’m not sure he’ll be getting on any more helicopters anytime soon. I told him he should probably stick to racing his junior dragster.

We stayed at a hotel not far from there that had a bowling alley in it. That was my turn to be humble. I think a few of my sons beat me at bowling. My whole family is pretty competitive. Even my parents. We play games on our phones like Words With Friends and no one ever wants to lose. I think if I have to go bowling again I may go practice beforehand!

Back at home, we finished our first full month of sales with the new Truck Center we opened at Tasca Ford in January. We’ve had a busy few years at the dealership – busy in a good way!

It’s almost time to pack for Florida and I have plenty on the “to-do” list before I leave.