Crazy, but good lifeTuesday, October 02, 2012

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In Brainerd, I was goofing around during qualifying and the ESPN camera guy gave me his camera and this photo ended up in USA Today paper as well.
To say it has been a crazy last couple of months would be the understatement of the year for me. When I say crazy, I mean that in the greatest way possible.

I started this blog after Charlotte, then tried to finish it after Dallas, then figured I would wait until right before our St Louis race and well....you get the idea. It has been a very, very busy last few weeks as of course the U.S. Nationals was rainy and then postponed for a week and we already had 4 races in a row to start our "playoffs" in the Countdown to the Championship.

We were striving as a team to get to the number one spot for more reasons than just the points that came with being number 1 in the "regular season". After winning the race up in Brainerd and recovering from a pretty wild winners circle party, Rahn Tobler and our NAPA AUTO PARTS team lost in the opening round in Indy and then we could solely concentrate on the start of the Countdown in Charlotte only a few days away from there.

While we didn't qualify as good as we have been, we did run very well on Saturday’s first session and we then made 4 great runs to get the win in a very long Sunday that didn't get started until late afternoon because of the rain.

We then went straight to Dallas for race #2 of the Countdown and also the $100,000 Traxxas Shootout that was part of the original US Nationals race before it was pushed to Dallas because of the weather in Indianapolis.

We got by Courtney Force in the first round and then had a tough matchup with our teammate Johnny Gray and then of course we lost a close race to John Force in the final round of the Shootout.

We were pretty bummed that we lost the chance at all that money, but we were very encouraged for our racecar and had good reason to as we went to the semifinals and kept adding the points.

We had a decent weekend in St Louis during qualifying as Rahn and our NAPA team battled back on Friday night to a good run, but being one of the first pairs out on the good Friday night session made us have to be a little more conservative. That is why I and other race teams stress how important it is to get down the track on the first session.

One thing that I have done with our Facebook fan page is to sort of make it like a real fan page should be.....while all of my tweets from my Twitter page (@NapaRonCapps) get posted directly to our Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/RonCappsFC?ref=hl ), a couple of weeks ago I asked the fans to send me or post their favorite picture that they might have from one of our NHRA races with me or with our NAPA team and I wasn't really ready for the response that I got.

I say that in the best possible way I can say it, I was blown away by the amount of messages and photos that were sent and continue to be sent. I am still posting them, but my goal was to sort of give our wonderful NAPA racing fans a way to have everyone see what sort of experience they had with us and it still puts a big smile on my face.

I was on the road between Dallas and St. Louis races doing NAPA appearances and now I am home for a night, then off to Atlanta to NAPA HQ for a customer appreciation day and then straight to Pennsylvania for several NAPA events before starting our racing on Friday.

We get a couple of weeks off before our Vegas race and I will be attending the California Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield on one of those weekends. I’m not driving this time, but will be there helping Del Worsham try to win the race with him driving his car. I can't wait.

We lost a little bit of ground to our DSR teammates in the Valvoline car and lead by only a couple of rounds with three races to go in the Countdown. I am looking forward to this coming weekend in Reading, PA., like no other race I have looked forward to in a long, long time, especially for our NAPA fans!

Talk to you soon!




Final stop in the Western SwingFriday, August 03, 2012

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Every year at the Sonoma race ,the wonderful family from MBA racing make all kinds of goodies for me and our Napa team,along with my favorite Rice Crispies treat shaped like our Napa funny car...and yes,I am standing on my tippy toes in this pic with Barbara and April,this is one tall family!
I just got up this Friday morning before having to get out to the track for qualifying today up here in Seattle and as usual; it has been a very busy last few weeks. I’m not complaining because this time of the year is my favorite time of our season.

In my last installment on here I had just left Norwalk and packed the RV up and we headed up north to the Central Coast of California. I grew up in San Luis Obispo which I still consider home and still feels like Gods country (there is more to the Madonna Inn), but as we have done the last few years, we head up to Lake San Antonio which is just outside Paso Robles and we spend a week there.

Then I either usually take the RV down to Pismo Beach for a week to the Pismo Coast Village there in Pismo (awesome place!),or like this year, I took it over to the Wine Country RV resort and left the family there while I had to fly out of SLO and up to Denver for our Mopar Nationals.

The lake was a great time as usual, friends and family with watercraft and boats and fishing and basically time for me personally to recharge myself and relax before gearing up for the run our Indy race.

The RV resort in Paso is across the street from "the Ravine" watermark and they always take great care of me and our group and the kids enjoyed it pretty much every day while I was up in Denver sweating the near 100 degree temps.

We had a great NAPA race car up in Denver as Rahn Tobler and our team approached Denver this year with much different approach than he said he has in the past and it worked as we had a great qualifying position once again and quickest of the first couple of rounds before Courtney Force’s team dropped the hammer on us in the semifinals.

I then hitched a ride back to Santa Maria with Alan Johnson which got me back to my family by 8 p.m. that Sunday night. We spent the next couple of days at the California Mid State Fair in Paso as our friend Mark Borjon set up the kids with tickets to "Big Time Rush" which is one of those kids bands.

Then Tuesday night was Loverboy/Pat Benatar/Journey concert. One of my friends that tours with Nickelback was helping on that tour and set us up with great tickets for a bunch of friends that I grew up with and my family and it was a great night.

The next morning I had to hightail it in the bus up to Sonoma because it was Taylor's 16th birthday and we weren’t going to not make this one special, believe me. I planned a limo from Magnum tours (thanks again Jim!) to pick us up at the track (a surprise), then we flew her cousin Ashley up from Pomona to the Oakland airport (another surprise), then I had gone online while in Denver and scored some great seats to Kelly Clarkson, who was playing in nearby Concord, Calif. (you guessed it, another surprise!). Keeping all of that from her was not easy, but we pulled it off and she (and us) had a great time.

The awesome week continued with a wine tour on Thursday with 3 other couples that was a blast and we arrive back to the track at 5 p.m. and had to change clothes and get over to the Eric Medlen Nitro night we do every year and once again, the staff at the Sonoma track made it another great event with Eric's family and friends and all the fans that attended, if you have never been, you better sign up for next year!

We had another great Napa hot rod in Sonoma with a great qualifying run on Friday night, and we did our annual NAPA dinner in Sonoma with all the NAPA guests at the Estate restaurant in Sonoma.

Sunday has been good to us there in the past as we have won the race the last two years, but this year we pulled the tires loose in the first round and our day was done. We got on the road in the RV late Sunday night, stopped at Harris Ranch on the way home and then got home, unpacked, repacked for my trip to Portland for our Wednesday night event with the Wilson NAPA group and then last night we had over 200 people here in Seattle at the local K1 Speed indoor karting and it was a blast. I am a little sore this morning ( imagine that....), but nothing makes me feel better than being able to crawl in our NAPA Funny Car like I am going to be able to do here in a few hours.

Have to run ,talk to you soon.

Relaxing with the family at the lakeThursday, July 12, 2012

Hey everyone!

I am writing this from Lake San Antonio just outside Paso Robles, California. It is just north of where I grew up in San Luis Obispo.

We gather up the family every year at this time and come out here with friends and hang out on boats and SeaDoo's. It really is my favorite time of the year. The kids are growing so fast and I get to spend a little bit of down time with family and the friends I grew up with.

I will leave them all here in Paso Robles next week and fly up to the Denver race. After the Denver race is over, I try to hitch a ride on Alan Johnson’s plane back to Santa Maria (just south of here).  Once I get back from Denver, we usually hit the California Mid-State Fair in Paso for a couple of concerts before piling in the RV and driving up to the Sonoma race.

The Denver race, the Mopar Mile-High NHRA Nationals, is always a special event for everyone at Don Schumacher Racing. DSR has a long, storied history with Mopar and we are thrilled to be able to carry on that tradition. It’s definitely a special year for Mopar in 2012, as the brand celebrates their 75th Anniversary. The Mopar Mile-High NHRA Nationals is a big part of that history, and we’d like to add another chapter this year with a win.

The Mopar Big Block Party is such a good time. To be able to visit with fans away from the race track in a relaxed setting is pretty cool. If it wasn’t for the fans, we wouldn’t get to race, so it’s great to be able to give back to the fans in an event like the Mopar Big Block Party.
The Napa team went right to our shop after Norwalk and our awesome chassis department  with Norm leading the way are currently putting a new chassis together that we will run through the Indy race before bring out another new DSR in house built chassis at that time that we hope to run through the end of our season.

Man, it is 110 degrees at noon here already and I hate to cut this short, but I need to go jump in the lake. Haha, that sounded funny.no?

Anyway, I will talk to you all soon!

This picture says it all
(Above) Riley bowling with us. (Below) Riley in the hospital as a "premie"...that is her Dad's wedding ring believe it or not...wow.

It's funny, because I looked back at my last blog on NHRA 's site was probably the only place you will see something with Justin Beiber in the same breath as the band Seether. Well, once again it has been an incredible and very busy last couple of weeks both on and off the track and I can't help but start with the on the track stuff first.

Backing up a little bit, we all enjoyed our Memorial Day weekend with family and friends and then I was able to do my one day shoot on the new Snake & Mongoose movie that is filming right now. Let me just tell you how cool this movie is going to be!

Anyway, back in Kansas I had a talk with Rahn Tobler and John Collins after we lost the final round in Topeka and they talked about going to our next race in Englishtown and the chance that we could see great conditions on our Friday night qualifying sessions and how he wanted to try some things that he had in the back of his mind if the conditions were there.

Well, as most of you know, the conditions were just that ...awesome. I strapped into the NAPA Auto Parts Funny Car with about four pairs of cars in front of us and already at that point, the cars were throwing mid 4.0 runs like they were going out of style and I knew when we finally rolled up to the line as the last pair of funny cars, that Tobler was looking for a big run.

When I was about half track I was pretty sure it was on a career best run for me and the NAPA team, but I had no idea that a 3.96 second run at over 320 mph was going to come up on the scoreboard. The quickest run in history for a Funny Car and the second run ever under four seconds (my teammate Hagan being the first) and it couldn’t have happened at a more historic track and with our thoughts still with Scott Kalitta, it was only appropriate that it happened that weekend .

Our NAPA Auto Parts team had a great time celebrating that night when we got back to our hotel and then it was business as usual for us as we concentrated on winning the race. We made some great runs on Sunday and Tobler and the NAPA team put us into our fifth straight final round, but we came up a little short and lost to our teammate Johnny Gray and the Service Central team in the final who ran a great 4.07.

I then hopped on a plane and headed straight back to Indy on Monday for a couple of reasons. We had the Riley Childrens Hospital bowling event that DSR and NAPA puts on in Indy every year and it was even more special this year as I got to spend some time with a girl named Riley that was a "premi" baby that was born something like 15 weeks early and here she was bowling next to us on this great night.

We had some really great drivers join us, DSR drivers as well as all the local drivers that live in Indy and we raised a lot of dollars for a very special cause that is close to Don Schumacher's heart.

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Getting ready to leave Eagle Creek airport for Eldora with Capt. Rob
The next night was our annual Prelude to the Dream all-star dirt at Tony Stewart's Eldora track in Ohio and we had another great time as we had our usual group of people that went with me. This year captain Rob brought a jet for the flight over there and on top of that ,when we landed Tony Stewart arranged for me to hop into a waiting helicopter for a really cool and quick ride into the track. Leave it to "Smoke" to make it first class!

I just ran up Tuesday night to the 2012 Ink n Iron show in Long Beach to see my friends in the band Pennywise play their last U.S. show before heading over to Europe. I had a blast basically sitting right on the stage during their show and saw a bunch of NHRA fans as well.

As you know from following my Twitter or on this NHRA.com blog, we shot our annual commercials in Hawaii last year during my NAPA Auto Parts tour and the commercials we shot just started airing. You can check them out on our YouTube page here ( http://youtu.be/NaDX-uZfgQQ ), they are entertaining to say the least. There are two NAPA Auto Parts commercials and another one we shot for the local Dodge dealer on the big island as well. Hope you enjoy it.

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