Racing for second and my third Wally….Monday, November 04, 2013
Posted by: Michael Ray, Star Racing Buell

Well I guess we are about to wrap up another season of some great NHRA action. I can’t believe how much fun this year has been and I never thought I would experience the emotional roller coaster of running for a championship and to tell the truth if it was up to me, we’d go STRAIGHT to Gainesville to start next season. The last few races have really gone well for us seeing as how we have qualified really well and gone to three consecutive semi-finals, so that has really helped us move up to second in points before we run in Pomona this weekend.
When we were up in St. Louis we were invited by the amazing folks with World Wide Technology to come enjoy a Cardinals game in their suite that have. It has really become a tradition if the Cardinals are playing to go hang with these guys and catch a game. This year since we have really built a great relationship with these guys over the years, they decided to let us host a weekend at the track for them where we rented them a suit at the track and treated them to a great VIP experience at an NHRA event. Once the weekend was over they were all jazzed up and were already making plans to attend next year’s event as well as a few more along the tour. One of their executives Scott has two young daughters who happens to be a HUGE NHRA fan named Sam, so this year when they all came out I made sure to bring Sam up for driver into and get her all decked out in Star Racing gear for the weekend, she even sported her Star hat at the Cards game saying that these were her two favorite teams. Thanks for the love Sam and see you next year. Another really fun first time for me in St. Louis was attending the Rams game on Thursday night. I had never been to NFL game before so being inside that place live and not watching on TV was awesome, that’s really the same for anything live. When you’re at home you don’t feel the energy like you do being there when the crowd gets all fired up. But after all that fun stuff we did have a race going on that we happened to do really well at until I came up a little on the wrong side of the green light and went red against our new champ Matt Smith. That weekend was a little crazy for the team with the surprise exit of Scotty, but I thought that the entire team did a really good job staying focused on our performance and not the outside drama. From there we loaded straight up and headed home for a few days, then it was immediately back up to Reading.

The guys just headed straight there since there was no reason for them to come home, then I flew up Thursday morning so I could stop at the all the good steak sandwich shops in Philly before making the trip out to Reading. This trip was going to be huge for us with Chaz making his debut, the championship really getting tight with a few races left, and like the last two I won I was SOLO. With us running four races in a row all of my GOTTSPEED crew stayed in Texas and shipped me out east to kick ass and come home with the points lead and a Wally. The weekend went really well for us with us getting our third number one qualifier as well as Chaz making his first NHRA field, also Big Ken made his famous “Ass in The Trash” pork butt. He uses an aluminum trash can to smoke the pork butt all day, then after a few minutes with a cutting board you have some great meat. It was really funny watching everyone from the track as well as the locals looking at all us rednecks cooking in a trash can, we invited them back later to sample it but no one came and that just meant more goodness for us. I really had fun in Reading and look forward to going back there next year, the track might not be centrally located to anything but the woods and the world famous Finish Line Bar, but I love racing there because it’s so beautiful and really fast. I know the guys were excited to get to go home after that race after being on the road for so long, but they really had to hurry since we only had two weeks before Las Vegas and that’s a 4 day drive out there, but for me it was an easy three and half hour flight out there…
Since everyone loves a party and that’s pretty much all that Vegas is, I think we had 25 guests with us in Las Vegas this past weekend. Starting to just name a few, I had the entire GOTTSPEED crew and family with me, GB had his family, big daddy Jeno was in the house, and then we had the awesome guys from Renalta Rentals, and Marla Enterprise as VIP guests of our for the weekend. So needless to say, my father was a busy man shuffling everyone around, the hardest thing about having guests like that in my eyes is tickets. NO ONE ever remembers to bring there ticket back with them the next day, so this time bought day passes for everyone so they wouldn’t lose anything, once they were in they were in. I have to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my father, he busted his butt all weekend and all year for that matter really helping keep people organized and having fun at the races, thanks dad for all of your help buddy, love you pop! For the business side of the event it went really well, we had Jeno there showing him how brutal the competition has been and how good we have been doing so that we can keep going for several more years. I think it worked because we are really close to putting a multi-year deal together with Sovereign and Jeno that will let us do more R&D, testing, and let us go run for a few championships for the next few years. The race went really well with us going out in the semis against Jerry Savoie, I left on him and just like in Reading we slowed down for no reason.  But we showed all our sponsors that were there that we are no joke and we just need another shot at this to come home with more hardware. I want to say congrats to Matt Smith and Viper Motorcycle Company on their championship this year, you guys stepped up when you had to.
Well I’m done typing and going to go hit the sales floor so I can sell some bikes before I leave tomorrow. I think for the banquet Andrew and I are going to wear some crazy tuxedos since it’s our last night to party together for 2013 we are going to make it an epic evening. Stay tuned for details and thanks for being such amazing fans that read this. It really means a lot to me when I hear someone talking about reading my blogs.